Original Münchner Weihnachtssterne


is a company owned by Trachten Rausch Gmbh. We are situated in munic germany. The company is existing since 1992. We are a small familiar company with roots in bavaria. In wintertime we sell starlamps at munic christkindlmarkets - from spring to autm we work in our bavarian garment store "Trachtenrausch"  see http:// www.trachtenrausch.com.


This year all the X mas markets are will happen.

You can find out marketstalls at:


Marienplatz Christkindlmarket directly at Marienplatz next to the Christmastree in the middle of the place - we are the big marketstall with 6 Meters lenghts and sell only stars - nothing else.

Tollwood Festival Munich:

One marketstall at the big tent inside and also one marketstall outside at the festivalarea






To check some of our models please click on the following link to attend our webstore - webstore is not functioning now as we sell at the markets and do not have time to do shipments to the customers.






If you want to see starlamps what you never have seen before visit us at our christmasmarket stalls within munic. You find us at " Christmasmarket Marienplatz and Tollwood munic.


Within our assortment we offer much choice for all tastes and varieties from oriental inspirated starlamps to original bavarian designs like "edelweiß Flowers, deers, bavarian embroiedered stars and authentic german christmas designs.


Bavarian Embroidery Editions:




Munich Christmas Editions





You will find us at following places


Tollwood (one stall inside at the big markettent and one stall outsite on the marketplace - ask at the reception of tollwood)


Christmasmarket Marienplatz


Information about the stars:

Our stars can be operated with normal bulbs till 40 Watt or with energy saving bulbs till 9 Watt or LEDs (4 W).


Along with the star you can purchase a distance protector for the lightbulb. You can also buy electric cords to enlighten the star. We offer them with special plugs for EU, US and UK and lots of other countries too. These are 4 meters with a plug and a switch. Some of our customers also use LED or battery operated supplies for the star. These are available in US on Ebay. Also you can get electric cords for stars in lot of countries also over ebay.


Here is a small video how to build up the star and fix the distance protector  - unfortunately the language is german but you can see how it works. In Europe you use our electric cord for EU with a E 14 lightbulb.

With electric cords for US and UK  you can use E 12 lightbulbs.

The lightbulb should hang in the middle of the star. Avoid contact between paper and lightbulb. Dont use the star outside or at misty places like bathroom - the electric cords are only for inside use. If the paper gets wet the star gets spoiled.

Avoid to hang the star directly in the sunlight. The colours will loose intensity after a while. Keep it away from fire or dont let children play with that - its not a toy.


 How to build up a starlamp......


Meet us personally under the year:

Under the year we own a shop inside munic city next to Octoberfest place and sell there Bavarian Trachten - Garments. In the shop you can not buy starlamps but you can meet us personally. You can contact us directly. We are there from march till end of october. 


Reclamations: Please send us email. If there is a distance protector missing you can use the star with a energy saving bulb till 9 Watt or a LED bulb. You dont need a protector as these bulbs stay lukeworm.

Our stars are handmade products and small faults are normal as no human being is 100 % perfectly working and the pasting and embroidery works are very delicate to do.



Trachtenrausch, Ruppertstr. 32, 80337 München

Phone number is: 0049 - 175 -5778262



See google maps under " Tachtenrausch"









Trachtenrausch GmbH, Ruppertstr. 32, 80337 München  |  trachtenrausch@email.de